Does Your Business Need Commercial Auto Insurance?

Does Your Business Need Commercial Auto Insurance?

Whether you just started your business or have been in the books for years, having a fleet or even just one car is a great way to not only market your business constantly, but also show people that your business is expanding and doing well.


Knowing everything about commercial auto insurance is important if you are at this stage. This is especially true if you are based in a big city like Chicago, any number of things can go wrong for your commercial vehicles, from dents and accidents, to cracked windshields and even theft, you’ll want to fix all of these issues, especially because you are using your vehicle to represent your business.


If you use your business vehicle everyday or even once a week, you should have commercial auto insurance.


One of the first things you should know is that normal business insurance policies do not cover commercial automobiles. It is a completely separate type of insurance. So, if you own a restaurant that does delivery and one of your driver’s gets into a car accident, your business insurance policy will not cover the accident.

Using a personal automobile for business purposes can be very risky. Most personal auto insurance policies will not cover accidents that occur with your personal car during a course of business, like delivering food. It is important to make sure that all vehicles being used for business are protected by their own commercial auto insurance policy.

All situations vary from company to company. Knowing the basics about commercial auto insurance is important. While you may think that your personal auto insurance plan or business insurance plan covers your business cars, that is not true. Cars used for business or commercial use must have the correct coverage as in the event of an accident you will not be covered by your personal plan and that can cause major headaches for yourself and your business. Finding a commercial auto insurance quote is easy and they are readily available.


Knowing that your business cars are covered and protected will give you enough comfort and confidence to continue to expand and grow your business. Adding vehicles for business, whether that be food deliveries, moving trucks or just something with your logo present is a great decision but you want them to be protected. Make sure to insure yourself with a commercial auto insurance plan, which will help you every step of the way.

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