The Cost of Commercial Car Insurance

On average, commercial auto insurance is around $1,200. However, as with any type of insurance, it depends on the individual and the their needs. For commercial vehicle insurance it depends on quite a few factors. For example, it may make a difference with the type of business that you run.


It is crucial that you understand what you need covered and shop around so that you can recieve the best price and you are able to negotiate to possibly get a better one.

Then, consider if you really need commercial car insurance. In most cases, the answer is yes. If something occurs and you are not covered it can produce devastating results. If you are in an accident while executing something for business purposes, you are not covered under your personal auto insurance policy and if you have not disclosed to your insurance provider that you are using the vehicle for business purposes it can lead to the cancellation of your auto insurance policy. This is also an issue because when you go to reinstate, your premium will be far higher since you are now considered a high risk driver. So, it is better to be safe than sorry.


There are a handful of other factors that insurance companies consider when calculating the cost of your commercial auto insurance premium. Almost always, the type of vehicle and what you intend to use it for matters. For example, a bigger truck that is more valuable and possibly more risky may have a higher premium.


They also consider how often you plan to use your vehicle which is often considered with how many miles you plan to drive it. The more often and the further you drive your vehicle increases the premium because it extends the necessity of coverage both in distance and frequency.


Lastly, another important factor to consider that may affect your premium and need for coverage is if you plan to have employees drive your vehicle for your business. If so, you must consider their driving records as well.


It is important to do your research and obtain information regarding these factors to ensure that you have adequate coverage as well as the best deal to fit your needs.

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